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Good Engineered Machines

We are an eminent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Well-engineered Marble and Stone Machines, which is commonly utilized in stone industry for Blocks, slabes, Tiles, Mosic and so on. Our adroit engineers utilize only quality assured spare-parts and pioneering technology to design and develop these machines by complying international standards of quality.

Quality Controlled Manufacturing

We insure in manufacturing process, using of quality control to ensures customers receive products free from defects and meet their needs, because When done the wrong way, it can put consumers at risk. and this can be eliminated through effective quality control in manufacturing. and we do use tools to support quality control like: SPC, Six Sigma, 5S and Kaizen.

Long Life Expectancy Machines

Due to our strict manufacturing quality methods and using products design and engineering best practices, and because we use high quality material and high-quality spare parts, also the last technology used in manufacturing our machines. You have to expect long life machine between your hand.

Our Machines




Less consumption of energy

Long service life

Requires low maintenance

Less consumption of energy

Our Company

Professional Team

We are a team of valuable people, with a reliable approach to the job and interesting passions and life goals. We have excellent experienced engineers. We have an excellent production base and qualified employees. We are a professional team in which everyone specializes in the perfect end result.

Smart Desgins

Our Machines is different from our competitors, we do smart Machine design embedded with technology and smart program, to support our customer business, we think for the future need of our customers and apply it in the current time.

Great Support

Our customer relations management department are always here to help you and fix all the issues you may face.

Technologies we use